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Magic/silent bullet through walls, no recoil/spread/sway, thick bullets and so much more!


Highly configurable player and item ESP. See everything about players and display items just how you like!


Highly configurable hardware emulated aimbot (100% undetectable!), with visibility checks and a smart bone scan. You can set humanized smoothing or just straight up rage with it. Setup multiple aim key configurations so you can handle every situation!

HWID Spoofer

As with every cheat of ours. All your hardware components (disk, network, motherboard, RAM etc.) are fully spoofed, a real money saver!


Hidden in all recording software such as OBS.

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EFT Carries

How it Works ?

- You choose what map we go into.
- The carrier kills everyone on the map.
- Carrier calls out all dead bodies.
- Carrier picks up all high valued items around the map and then you extract.

What you recieve ?

- Trusted and Secure Services.
- Good Carriers.
- Insane loot for Cheap Prices.
- Over 3-5 Million+ Per Raid

Carry Prices

- 1 Carry | 5€
- 5 Carries | 25€
- 10 Carries | 45€


- Door Opener | 5€ | Goes for All Raids.
- Bring Cases | 2€ | Per Case.
- Bring a Friend | 2€ | Per Friend.

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