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Might have jacked my Discord Permissions up


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Well, I joined the discord, thought maybe I dont want my main discord account connected to the discord, tried to create a second discord, and removed my original user from the discord, and that didnt work. So, I removed the new account from the discord, and deleted the account since it didnt seem to be needed (or work), and tried rejoining with the my main discord again. But now I cant see anything.

The reason for not wanting my main name in the discord, is because its my main gamertag for most things I do. I like anonymity for most things in life as a US citizen. 

can we get my main account back to where I can pursue the products listed?

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To add, I have shopped here before. It was sometime last year towards the beginning of the year if I remember correctly. So, Im no scammer or anything. Just want to get my discord sorted. I know in the rules it says no alts. I didnt think if my main account was disconnected from the discord, and if I added a new one for my product purchasing that would count as the same thing. But the bot says otherwise.

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