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Vector & LK testimonial


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Vector was a perfect entry cheat for me. I bought it maybe 4 months ago? it was a fair bit ago when i started my cheating phase in Tarkov. haven't used it since my last sub ran out.


Features (5.5/10) 

it was the barebones cheat for tarkov. to me atleast, it was known to be just esp and aimbot. player esp was pretty decent, but loot esp, not so much. The esp was just a red(quest item) , green( container), yellow(corpse), and purple for loose loot. The price filter did not work at time of use, if you put it up once, which was supposed to be increments of 5000, every thing would disappear besides quest items.

Security (7.5/10)

To be honest, it was a really secure cheat despite its extremely low price. I think it was somewhere along to over 2 years or something since its last detection, but maybe 2 weeks after I started to use it, it got detected. Made me very sad, but I dont doubt it was undetected for that long.


No multipoint, head only. But very good lock - on aimbot. (no silent aim)

Overall- 6.5

Not the best, but for its price, a extremely good deal. I would use it again, if its detection is secure.


LabsKing, You're a fantastic cheat developer, I feel as if LK was the only thing that was talked about in the cheating community.



Obviously, everyone knows of LabsKing, and I gotta say, its features are forever ongoing, I was astonished when I was reccomended this cheat by a friend in another community, I had gotten a 1 day key, which I regret not buying more, but at the same time, I do. It did get detected fairly after my subscription went out, and by all means, I didnt regret using it just to get banned so quick, it was very fun to use and I pwned kids left, and right. Esp. Wow, this is the king of esp and of Labs*. The ITEM FILTER! The only cheat I can find with the item filter allowing you to put certain items to bypass price filters, and with the flea market changes, very valuable items like Marked key, are at lower prices so without it, you could walk buy so many rare items without this item filter.


It looks like its still going strong despite it being such a high target on Battleyes hitlist. Nothing much to say. I did hear that when it got detected when I first used it, people said the devs rewrote the cheat completely? I mean that's dedication if I've ever seen it.


Silent aim, what else is there to say? best aimbot ive seen.



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