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Zero EFT

Chaz Burnham

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Well for beginners setup process can be quite difficult for those who are more used to plug and lpay methods. Strongly recommend carefully reading all notes after you extract and follow to an exact T.

As for the cheese itself. Its decent could use fine tuning but i feel like its still in its early stages could possible become the next terra if remains undetectable.

for the aimbot its a bit hit or miss. From range its pretty good few times ive had a clear shot and noticably miss had to turn off just to kill the rogue or player. But for close range its like a 40/60 aimbot seems to not like close range engagements and will cost you a fight hands down.

Loot wise phenominal very fine tunable and easy to makee work.

Dont dabble to much in misc effect due to gives labs king vibes and feel like id get easily banned.

Host wise... its hit or miss seems like dev has issues with loader quite often and Key wise as soon as you purchase your key seems as if your timer starts (note they activate keys 1-2 hour basis) so if something happens inbetween activation and actual use you clock is still ticking. First time using they had loader issues and i lost a half day due to their end and never got compensated or even a response from seller.

If you dont mind these little tweaks here and there so far my experience is 8/10 i myself purchased a week and trying that process out.. unfortunately its not like terra and the clocks ticking from day 1 constantly.

so the ability to loose IRL on this is high if your of balance work and game life is isnt viable. But other then that customizable colors for AI and players to easily identify friend from foe. Quick toggle options for esp and aimbot variety of misc effect to use at your own risk and fine tuning loot..




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