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Ring1 Tarkov - An honest review


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Although Ring1 does not have the insane features as do some other menus, I must say Ring1 feels comfortable for me. A friend of mine purchased a 1 month key which is what inspired me to give it a try for a day. Ring1 provided me with what exactly I was looking for, an advanced esp for players and loot, a nice aimbot and quality of life tweaks that made the game fun again. After grinding the game became mundane, Ring1 re-lit that flame to play the game. 

Beam-wise as long as you dont play soo blatantly and be chill about it there shouldnt be a beam headed your way. If my buddy can get away with one month, myself with a day, surely anyone can use it. The structure of the cheat itself is impressive, making use of virtualization it is hard to detect and safe to casually use. The easiest way to catch a beam is most probably player reports and tickling some variables that battle eye holds dearly. 

Support and staff at madchad is beyond stellar, of course it is usually not expected to hear back instantly I must say they do a really good job at it. When it comes to troubleshooting staff is on point, I had an issue with windows that was resolved in minutes. Truly immaculate, well organized and coordinated staff. I would recommend anyone who is looking to cheese in games other than cs to madchad, great community also, great advice from fellow chads. 

TLDR: Its worth 100% get yourself a gaming chair today.

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