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Escape from Tarkov Carries Explained


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-Please have room in stash ready to go for the amount of carries being done in the session. It helps move things along and wastes less time for our carriers.

-Please refrain from joining any channels that are currently in use as you are interupting another members session. When it is your turn you will be contacted.

-Please refrain from the use of DM’s with carries, as it is easier to keep track of arrangements being made if we can all see the ticket.

-Follow the instructions of your carrier at all times. If death is a result of failure to comply the run will be counted against you.

-If doing labs it is better for all parties involved if you provide your own access cards, as it protects from RMT flags.

-Keys for any map are not provided by the carrier(IN MOST CASES). If you wish to open specific doors on certain maps then you must provide the keys yourself.

-Loot cannot be controlled by the carriers and are left up to how the lobby spawns in game items upon session start. Just because you are not happy with the loot at the end of a successful carry, does not constitute that carry as invalid. The only way a carry will be considered invalid is if the carrier/person being carried dies for any reason.

-Labs carries come with a higher risk of people utilizing cheeses/gaming chairs. We cannot guarantee or cover any items/money lost, due to dying from another cheese on Labs.

Click HERE to buy a Normal Carry
Click HERE to buy a Labs/Lighthouse Carry

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