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Ok, where to start with this guy. Infamous musta hit the jackpot when he got MILKY workin for him, cause DAMN, is he good. MILKY's been so helpful since day 1, and if he wasn't here, I would have nothing working. Don't get me wrong, eanf is an amazing helper too, but MILKY is def the MVP when it comes to support. Now I'm not saying spam the guy if you need help, but if he happens to answer on your support ticket, you're in good hands. Other than the amazing support you get, the cheese options are superior to any of the others I've tried. If you're looking for an all around EFT cheat, Labs Kings is the way to go. The UI is super intuitive, and the features are effective and easy to use. Honestly, its the only one I use myself. If you're looking for a simple cheat more on the cheap side, CHAMS is probably the best bang for your buck. Its a simple player ESP that can help you win more fights, and increase that survival rating as you get better with gunplay. The development team for CHAMS is quick reacting, and as I'm writing this testimonial is currently working extremely to get that service back into the hands of my fellow cheesers. All in all, the team and services MADCHAD has to offer are definitely the best on the market. 10/10, would recommend. 

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