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You guys ROCK!

Black Stealth

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Okay okay if your new here let me give you something in advance. Don't give up on this. Madchad really is in my honest opinion hands DOWN one of the best providers out here!!!! I have been a user of their services for a while now and I have yet to be disappointed. Yeah yeah you can say that someone is told to type shit out like this. I'm not. I really am here to show you guys it works! If it be EFT, R6, Val, OW2, Cycle, etc. You name it! They have never let me down. Here's my example recently I had an issue where I couldn't get The Cycle to work with R1. The admins had tried helping me and ensured that I had everything setup correctly. Once they had done that, they had reacted out to their contact to find a resolution. It took them a few hours but I wasn't worried why...they WON'T let you sit there like a lost puppy. They update you on the tickets and always make sure you get to having fun or doing whatever you do😉! They had noticed that it was taking a much longer time to get the resolution fixed so they offered me a refund. I said no, just let me know once everything is ready to go! Even though it was just a day-time frame they still didn't stop finding an answer. Once they got word back that the issue was resolved my key was already dead. BUT do not lose hope there. They went above and BEYOND with giving me a new key for the troubles and made sure that I was fully up and running once again! Guys if you actually read these...please give them as much credit as you can! They keep those here safe and happy to the best of their abilities! Madchad you got me hook line and GAMING! You to this day have yet to fail me! You guys just make it so much easier for us to play the games we choose to play! You guys to this day have once again out done yourself! MC... THANK YOU!!!! Keep doing what you do and gamers just vibe with. This is the one and only place you will ever catch me at! 
P.S. if you're new here make sure you read Annoucements daily and check the Status Page before you complete your stuff!!!!!
Thank you again guys and if you know, you know! MC ON TOP!

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