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Terra EFT review


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Disclaimer: I have been hacking/using mod menus/tools/scripts for 7 years and this is my own opinion on this hack since i currently only play EFT at this time since it is my go to game. 

The Set Up: As someone who is new to hacking the setup for Terra EFT can be a bit tedious and annoying most times but afterwards relieving to just get it done, takes approximate 10-15 mins for the new player.

Using The Menu: i would give the menu a 6/10 on looks 8/10 on usage and a 9/10 on accuracy (ESP Accuracy, sometimes the item being ESP'D will either be a couple metres off but a rare occasion like this happens not a big deal). the hotkey setups are pretty much perfect in trying to avoid actual keybinds being used by me personally this menu does favour not changing hotkeys from default or if you do bind keys to F1-F9 then i would suggest you rebind to another location  since this menu does use F1-F9 as well as CTRL - SHIFT - ALT within the mix overall the menu is a 7/10 good job.

recommended improvements:

- I would totally love to see a Range metre of 100M added. The default 200M range for ESP gives so much on a screen when trying to find certain/ specific gear/tools. it would definitely help clear more of the far range ESP off the screen. 

- Changing the names of the player scavs: when playing scav/pmc their will be a long line of code instead of the actual name which is understandable since scavs are temporary characters, what would help would be to change the long code name and give it a shorter name instead of leaving it the default name since it can be a bit annoying at times.

- A more customizable UI option 




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